Jo opened her eyes when he moved his arms away and just looked at him before slowly standing up and crossing her arms again. She swallowed. “Maybe if you hadn’t kept it from me, things would be different. But you didn’t had that little faith in me. Both of you are fucking idiots. Her for keeping it a secret and you for going along with it. She is ashamed and doesn’t want people to know. Because of what you did then perhaps you two shouldn’t be together at all. Because she really doesn’t care. So I hope you two enjoy each other. I’ll see you around, but just.. just leave me alone.” She whispered and turned to walk away again.

Standing up himself, Danny sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I wanted to tel you, Jo. Trust me, I did. It’s just that we didn’t want you to feel awkward about it. It hurt so bad not telling you about it and I felt guilty but Lacey and I thought it’d be best to wait a bit until we shared it with people. She does care, she has a different way of showing it. She’s not ashamed of me, Jo. She’s just wary of letting me in and she doesn’t want to lose all of her friends, which yes, I understand. I wanted to go public, but not at the risk of hurting her.” As she started walking away, Danny bit his lip, shaking his head. He wouldn’t go after her this time. He couldn’t. If she wanted him to stay away, he would. After a moment of walking away, he finally turned and started walking back to his house in the opposite direction.


" Aww me too. Boo!"


"Well, it’s okay. We can find something else to talk about, then. Such as…what’s your favorite color, Cat?"

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"I’m glad" she said, smiling “Cause I’d much rather live in the present with you than be like everyone else and live in the past"


"Me and you, it’s sort of like we have a different mind set, I think. I’m quite fond of you. We can be different together." He said, laughing a little. "I can see it now, we’re going to be tight. Like this." He said, crossing his fingers to show how tight they were going to be.




"Ah, hi there. Uh— can you help me out? I seem to be a bit lost. I’m Violet by the way, I’m new."

"Sure, of course I can. I’m Danny, and you’re in Green Grove, New York. Nice to meet you, newbie who goes by the name of Violet."

Welp. I might as well introduce myself. {Private}



Your mom acted the same way in public then as she does now, but there were times when she talked to my mom or to me, and it was kind of obvious how torn up she was. You should do something nice for her, a dinner or something.

I think that you’re pretty sure of yourself. One game and you think you’ve won me over? Well, maybe a little…. You’re right. A healthy dose of mystery keeps the fun alive. So, until next time?

Yeah, a dinner…maybe. I’ll think about it. And if I do it, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am pretty sure of myself, sometimes. I’m only sure of myself when I’m right, though. Well, not completely. But I think I’m doing a fairly decent job at slowly winning you over? But yes, of course. Until next time. It’s been nice talking to you again, Lace. I’ve missed you.


Jo just sobbed harder when he told her not to cry. She wanted to pull away to run again but that didn’t end well last time. “I’m sorry I love you, I’m sorry that I have feelings, I’m sorry I’m not special enough for you, not worth the risk.” She whispered out closing her eyes.

Danny nodded as she spoke, still at a loss as to what to say. It was hard seeing her upset. As her best friend, Danny had a difficult time imagining what he’d do if someone hurt Jo-he’d probably go and try to protect her immediately. But now that he was the one hurting her, he couldn’t protect her from the one thing that had actually hurt her since he had gotten back: himself. He didn’t know how to get himself out of his situation, and swallowing thickly, he removed his arms from around her and folded his hands in his lap instead. “And I’m sorry that I hurt you. I never wanted this to happen, Jo. I always thought I’d be the one protecting you from harm and from getting hurt, and now I’m causing it.

You lovesick Moron: idannydesai: Danny nodded at her words and cleaned the rest of the...


Danny nodded at her words and cleaned the rest of the blood off of the wound. Keeping his eyes down a her hand, he tied the handkerchief around it and then gently let go of her hand. “There you go, I hope that’s better.” He told her honestly, still bent down to her level. “The…

As she leaned back against him and he watched the tears roll down her face, a small frown formed at his lips. “Jo…please don’t cry.” He whispered in the most pleading tone he could muster. Watching her cry made him sad in ways he couldn’t even begin to explain. Seeing her be heartbroken made his heart break just a little inside, too. Wrapping his arms around her hesitantly, he simply sat there and let her cry, not trying to get her to stop anymore. Nothing he said could make her stop crying and nothing he said could really make her happy again. Completely at a loss, he stayed silent and simply decided to be there for her.

If you can’t laugh, then you might as well be dead

The magazine hunt || Lacey and Danny


Lacey refused to respond when he called her out on her pouting. Honestly, she got a little distracted when he started mocking her. Danny was kind of cute when he pouted, and it wasn’t worth the argument. Speaking of arguments waiting to happen, Lacey stiffened at the mention of their secrecy. She knew it’d be a problem eventually. Until then, she’d rather pretend they were fine. He liked her. She liked him. He said lover instead of girlfriend, which was dorky and respectful at the same time. No assumptions. They weren’t more than what they were, so why bother shouting down the streets of Green Grove about it?

“For future reference,” she said, “tell people you’re calling your mom. It’ll buy you some time to sneak off to find me.”

She avoided mentioning how easily people could see through that lie. Sarita had, and Lacey didn’t know how to talk to her friend about her choice. She didn’t want to pick between her old friends and her new ones. Danny seemed so determined to get their group back together. She wished he would stop mentioning it. It wasn’t that Lacey didn’t want to talk about her friendship with Jo; it was that she didn’t want to think about it. If they became friends again, cool. If they didn’t, oh well. Jo didn’t seem ready to let her in. Lacey didn’t want to let Jo in again only to regret it. She couldn’t figure out how to explain that to Danny however. She could hardly explain it to herself.

She smiled when Danny smiled and moved her hand to the gear shift. Her brow furrowed for a second at the sight of it. She never put the car in park. A metaphor for us? With a roll of her eyes, she batted the thought away.

“Let’s get out of here then,” she said, easing off the brake, “My mom’ll kill me if I come back late. I’m hoping she’ll stay upstairs the whole time so we don’t have to worry about getting caught or anything.” Lacey hated lying to her mom, but she would rather lie than let her mom know what was going on.

She glanced over at Danny, stealing a peek at his reaction. She would make it up to him eventually. Pulling off of the curb, she started the drive back home.

Danny couldn’t help but laugh at her suggestion for the future. He wasn’t even sure if people would believe he was sneaking off to talk to his mom. In fact, he was almost positive they wouldn’t. The person he would most likely be feeding that lie to would be Jo and she knew how his an his mother’s relationship was. Certainly, he wouldn’t be sneaking away to talk to her and if he had used that excuse, he was almost positive she’d get suspicious. Danny and his mom really only talked when necessary, or whenever he came home. She rarely ever called him, but then again, did the two of them actually want to talk to each other? Not really. She didn’t trust him and he didn’t like the fact that she didn’t trust him. Besides, there wasn’t much to talk about. “I think we’re going to have to come up with a new lie for me, because no one is going to buy that I’m sneaking away to talk to my mother.” He finally replied, nodding. “But I do see your point. I might just have to think of something more clever just so that I can see you sooner than I usually do.” He finished, deciding it was best to close the subject of their secrecy before they fought over it for real.

Chuckling slightly as she moved to shift the gear that was already in drive, he bit back some sort of smart comment that could either get a laugh from her or some sort of sassy reaction. Knowing it was a dangerous line to walk, he opted out of saying anything and merely listened to her as she spoke and pulled away. Smirking a bit wider and trying not to laugh, his brows rose and he gave a nod. “Catch us looking for magazines?” He asked cheekily. “Or are you afraid she’s going to catch us doing something else?” He questioned further, since he was fairly sure there was nothing wrong with the two of them actually looking for magazines. If they got sidetracked…then he could see Lacey’s point and could definitely see why she’d want her mom to stay upstairs. “I don’t think your mom would get very upset if she caught us looking through boxes, would she?” He asked playfully, just because he felt like the conversation wasn’t really focused on the magazine hunt anymore. Rather, he felt like it was focused on what else she was afraid his mother might catch them doing in the garage that might not be a innocent as searching for magazines. And that was what made Danny so cheeky at the moment.

On the drive back to her house, he finally composed himself and decided to stop acting like a giddy and cocky little child with his smirk. He took a glance out the window as she drove and watched the scenery pass by. It seemed silly, but it felt like Green Grove didn’t change much look-wise in the five years of his absence. Every single thing they passed looked familiar, and with all of the old memories flooding back to him, he finally tore his eyes from the window and looked at her instead. “You know, you’re a fairly responsible driver. I thought all teen drivers were supposed to be a little reckless.” He commented lightly, just to break the silence.



Un-freakin’-believable" Jade said and banged her head into her palm. Now she had to wait another hour for the next bus to come. Hadn’t it been for Cat thinking it would be fun to fill the gas tank on her car full of candy, she wouldn’t have been stuck here waiting for the bus at all. "Great" Jade said under her breath and sat down on a bench nearby.


Given the fact that Danny didn’t have a license and hadn’t even gotten the chance to take driver’s Ed yet since he was in juvie, he relied a lot on walking and bus transportation to get him places. He was going on the bus to no where special, really. In fact, he had decided that he’d go wherever the bus decided to take him. Unexpected adventures had an undeniably fun quality about them, or so it seemed, and he secretly wanted one. Walking up to the bus stop, he looked around the full benches. The only empty seat was next to a girl who didn’t look so happy, but considering it was the only place to sit and he had the tendency to be extremely charming, he figured he’d take his chances. Walking up to the bench, he rose a brow and nodded at the seat with a small smile on his face. “I take it you’re waiting for the bus, too. Do you mind if I take a seat next to you?”